Aluminum Cases by Erie Engineered           ProductsAluminum Cases
In addition to custom designs, Erie Engineered Products offers a wide variety of pre-engineered cases to meet or exceed your requirements.



Aluminum Cabinets by Erie         Engineered ProductsAluminum Electronic Cabinets
Erie Engineered Products will manufacture custom aluminum cabinets to your drawings, or design a custom cabinet that meets your exact needs.



Aluminum and Steel Containers by Erie Engineered  ProductsContainers
Erie Engineered Products is capable of design, manufacture and test of containers to protect your product from harmful environmental conditions.  We will also build to your pre-existing designs.


Plastic Cases and Parts by Erie Engineered ProductsPlastic Cases and Parts
Our plastics capabilities include thermoforming of polyethylene, ABS, polycarbonates, or other thermoforming materials.