MSX Dummy Load
MSX Shipping & Storage Container

Satellite Mass Mode, or simulated load (above left) and Shipping and Storage Container (above right) - We design a simulated load to match the dimensions, center of mass, and inertia properties of the actual payload.  The simulated load may then be used for proof load and shock isolation testing at our facility.

Key Benefits To On-site Testing

• Minimizes Transportation Costs
• Allows Access to All Manufacturing Tools and Personnel


Vibration and Shock Attenuation

A PC-based data acquisition system allows us to measure maximum accelerations encountered in drop tests conducted on our cases and containers.  The data from the drop tests is also used to measure the natural frequency of the suspension system.

Proof Load Testing

We have experience conducting proof load tests exceeding 30,000 Lbs.

Thermal Tests

We have conducted thermal tests to verify the performance of our containers featuring heating units, air conditioners, and insulation.  The container exterior is subjected to specified ambient conditions and the interior temperature are monitored using temperature recording devices.